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Marin County has seen a consistent elevation in pertussis incidence during the past year. Since April 1, 2013, 224 pertussis cases have been reported to Marin County Public Health.  This is compared to five cases in 2012. The vast majority of cases are among school-aged children and most are associated with school-based clusters. Providers can help limit further spread of disease by following these simple steps. These are especially important in limiting transmission in schools. If pertussis is suspected, test, treat and isolate cases for 5 full days of antimicrobial therapy or until testing is able to rule out pertussis. Post-exposure antimicrobial prophylaxis is recommended for symptomatic and asymptomatic close contacts. Symptomatic close contacts are to be excluded from school or work until a minimum of 5 days of effective antibiotic treatment. After 21 days of cough, antimicrobial... continue reading