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With 650+ employees, 40+ programs and services and 12+ locations, we are the largest department in the County of Marin and it is our mission at HHS is to promote and protect the health, well being, self-sufficiency, and safety of all people in Marin.


i AM HHS is about employee recognition and HHS pride. We aim to celebrate our individuality and highlight the unique lives that make HHS the driving force in health and well-being in Marin.

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PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY: Facts About Mask Protection October 13, 2017 Northern California Fires Affecting Marin Air Quality: The fires in Northern California are impacting air quality across the region. The best way to protect yourself from health effects of wildfire smoke is to limit your exposure. Will a face mask protect me from wild fire smoke? The following do not protect your lungs from wildfire smoke: - Bandanas or towels (wet or dry) or tissue held over the mouth and nose: this may relieve dryness but won’t protect your lungs from wildfire smoke - One-strap paper dust mask or a surgical mask that hooks around your ears: these don’t protect against the fine particles in smoke For those who cannot avoid prolonged activities outdoors “Particulate respirator” masks (respirator masks) labeled N95 or N100 may provide some protection: they filter out fine particles but not hazardous... continue reading