County of Marin Health and Human Services


NEW IHSS Timesheets

Starting May 1, 2013, the State is implementing a new computer database for the IHSS program. This will change how timesheets are processed and how they are completed by providers.

What's New

  • Timesheets will look different
  • Time is entered in hours and minutes (sample on reverse)
  • Timesheets will be electronically processed in Chico, CA
  • Timesheets MUST be mailed to the address pre-printed on the timesheet
  • Incorrect timesheets will be rejected and your pay check will be delayed

For Questions Call:
Marin County IHSS: 457-INFO (4636)
SEIU-UHW for Marin County: 1-800-585-4250
The IHSS Public Authority of Marin: 415-499-1024

Timesheet Do's

  • Watch the video
  • Attend drop in hours
  • Complete in BLACK ink only
  • Write clearly and legibly
  • Turn timesheet over and sign

Direct Deposit Form (PDF - All Languages)
Click the link above or call 1-866-376-7066 to sign up for direct deposits.

More information available on the California Department of Social Services IHSS website.