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Bloom, formerly known as Image for Success (IFS), is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing two-week wardrobes for economically disadvantaged men, women, and children residing in Marin County, CA. Our clients are among the low income or working poor populations who are referred by supporting social service agencies. The population served includes the following: participants in substance abuse recovery programs, victims of spousal abuse, as well as others who are homeless, jobless or suffering economic hardship.

Clients come to image through referral by one of approximately 60 local social service agencies. Elegibility for a visit to Image is usually determined by the agency case worker or counselor. Criteria for elegibility might include completion of a job training program, attainment of a predetermined time of sobriety, completion of a treatment program or preparation for a job interview. The service provided by Image is considered a significant step to attaining self-sufficiency. After the initial appointment, the client receives a discount card for shopping in our retail store and may return in the following season to obtain a second two-week wardrobe.

Our facility is divided into three sections: a donation site, a boutique and a retail store. At a designated clothing donation area, items for the client boutique and retail store are collected and processed each week. Within the boutique, clients are given wardrobe consultations and fittings and then make clothing selections. The retail store offers discounted clothing for sale. Proceeds from the store help with both operational and required clothing purchases.


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1557 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901