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Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center: Redding+Vallejo

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Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center: Redding+Vallejo

Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center uniquely addresses the growth of the whole person. Our system of care incorporates concepts of wellness and recovery throughout our spectrum of services. Recovery is a dynamic process. Our experienced and professional staff acknowledges and supports meeting the client at their level of recovery. Through the recovery process of the individual, a collaborative plan is developed to meet their desired potential. Our effective program serves a spectrum of age groups - young adults through the older adult years. Our structured and supportive environment fosters personal choice, individual responsibility, and a path to recovery. Regardless of specific events, or series of events, in an individual's life that condition one to respond in a certain manner, behavior can be changed and healthy coping skills can be developed. We hold the hope and confident expectation that this will occur. Within our center, we offer three distinct, yet fluid, levels of recovery groups. Each client is assigned to a primary core group. Within this group, the Service Coordinator is the primary advocate for service needs and recovery plan development. This small primary core group work is designed to promote camaraderie, cohesion, respect, and a safe place for growth. During the afternoon, and evenings and weekends, a variety of educational, personal development, wellness-oriented, and recreative groups are offered. The groups are open to all clients. This provides a diverse experience of relating to others, develops tolerance, and provides skills requisite for successful community living. Pathway to Recovery Dual Recovery Services is an adjunct program provided for clients with co-occurring issues. Services include counseling using Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART), 12-step modeled groups, and cognitive behavioral treatment. Start To Explore and Prepare (STEP) is a pre-vocational program offered to interested clients. Community Re-Entry is a program focusing on preparations to transition to community living. The Elpida Wellness Center has 26 beds with a homelike environment and is based on a psycho-social rehabilitation philosophy. We help clients focus on their inherent strengths, abilities and capacities to learn new life skills, and succeed with their personal growth. Wellness and Recovery Action Plans (WRAPs) are developed. A concentrated approach to establish the plan into everyday living is encouraged. The Hope Center has 61 beds which provide extensive assistance to those clients with high symptom distress. Development of essential self-care skills, symptom management, coping skills, and social manners are focused on. Consistent prompting, coaching, and behavioral interventions are utilized in a respectful environment. The Trinity Support Center has 12 beds. Services are designed with the primary objective of meeting complex psychiatric and medical conditions. The center provides a healing environment with a minimum of stimulation while addressing individual needs.


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3062 Churn Creek Road
Redding, CA 96002


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