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Golden Gate Bridge: Toll for the Disabled (TRPD)

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Golden Gate Bridge: Toll for the Disabled (TRPD)

The Golden Gate Bridge Toll Rate for Persons with Disabilities (TRPD) Program is available to individuals who, by reason of permanent physical disability or mental impairment, are:

• unable to independently utilize District-operated transit buses; or

• able to use such buses only with a significant risk of injury to themselves or to other passengers; or

• able to use buses only with significant personal discomfort caused by such impairment

• must reside in Marin, Sonoma, San Francisco and West Contra Costa counties

Toll discount photo I.D. card to qualified persons with disabilities.


(415) 455-2000



(415) 451-4650 x415


1011 Andersen Drive
International Service Office
San Rafael, CA 94901

Application Process: 

In order to receive a TRPD FasTrak toll tag a person must complete and return the following application (including physician's certification). Falsifying information on the application or allowing another person to use the TRPD toll tag will result in denial or revocation of TRPD program privileges. Depending on the circumstances of approval, eligibility for this program may be subject to review and verification at the discretion of the District. If found eligible and a TRPD FasTrak toll tag is issued, the toll tag must be used only by that person to receive the Golden Gate Toll Rate for Persons with Disabilities. The TRPD toll tag is non-transferable. There is no charge to apply however if a toll tag is lost or stolen you may be charged $20 for the tag. Information about minimum dollar amounts to open a TRPD FasTrak is available in this application. The TRPD applies to two-axle vehicles only and effective July 1, 2019, $5.35. There will be subsequent annual $.35 cent increases effective July 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021. TRPD Applications are valid for three years and must be renewed no more than 60 days prior to expiration. TRPD toll tag holders must complete the application process each time their applications expires. The completed TRPD application for (including applicant and physician's certification) AND the FasTrak application must be signed and returned by mail to the following address: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Attention: Customer Relations 850 Tamalpais Avenue San Rafael CA 94901 The completed applications will be reviewed upon receipt, and the applicant could be contacted with any follow-up questions. If approved, you will be notified and a TRPD FasTrak toll tag will be mailed to you The District reserves the right to require, at District's expense, a physical examination and independent opinion by a physician chosen by the District certifying to the permanency of the impairment.


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