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LEAP of California

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LEAP of California


Leveraging Equal Access Program (LEAP) is a not-for-profit corporation set up to serve individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. To leverage is to forge a mechanical advantage. LEAP’s mission is to be the mechanical advantage for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities to gain equal access to opportunity, full community integration, self-determination, and a person-centered life experience. We promote the dignity of risk and provide resources to level the playing field while using the “family home” as a home base for safety, dignity, and support. LEAP is dedicated to providing a home-like environment from which individuals served can navigate their own experience with the world.

Mutually beneficial residential model supporting adult individuals with developmental disabilities in households in Marin. Individuals receive room, board, and some assistance from home providers in exchange for tax-free compensation. We carefully match referred individuals with our open homes. Individuals and home providers are supported by LEAP social workers and consultants for successful, harmonious cohabitation. We are looking for home providers with open hearts and minds. 



(415) 933-7027



8am- 5pm M-F


125 San Luis Ave
San Bruno, CA 94066

ADA Access: 

not standardized

Application Process: 

Contact Tara if you are interested in learning about becoming a home provider OR becoming a LEAP resident learning more about becoming a home provider with LEAP Family Home Agency


Individuals supported must be referred by the regional center.

Accepted Payment: 

LEAP compensates home providers an average of $3000 a month per individual.


LEAP FHA is a vendor of the regional center. The regional center pays LEAP FHA to support individuals in our homes.