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Odyssey Team - Homeless Outreach Full Service Partnership Program

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Odyssey Team - Homeless Outreach Full Service Partnership Program

The Odyssey Program is intended to support adults, age 18 and above, who struggle with severe mental health symptoms and, as a result, are homeless. The goal of the program is to improve social & emotional functioning, independent living skills and to increase educational and employment opportunities in order to decrease and prevent homelessness. Additionally, Peer services are provided in support of recovery by trained individuals with lived experience.

Target Population
The target population of the Odyssey Program is adults, age 18 and above, with serious mental illness and who are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. Priority is given to individuals who are currently unserved, underserved or not optimally served by traditional mental health services. Individuals may or may not have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder.

Admission Criteria
Adults eligible for the Odyssey Program must struggle with chronic and persistent mental illness and must be homeless. Anyone can make a referral into the Odyssey Program. While Odyssey is not a housing program, it does support clients to become self-sufficient in their housing goals.

Medi-Cal insurance is needed.

Services Provided

-Peer Support
-Psychiatric Medication Management
-Intensive Case Management
-Personal Services Coordinator
-Customized treatment goals established
-Psychiatric treatment
-Skills building
-Bridging to resources that will help support a meaningful life including: financial, independent living, health, educational, occupational, vocational, legal, substance use, family, and community involvement.

Contact Information

The Odyssey Program 415-473-3240

For general information regarding any services offered through Marin Behavioral Health and Recovery Services please call the Access Line at 888-818-1115.

SERVICES ARE PROVIDED IN ENGLISH, SPANISH. Interpreter services are available for other languages upon request.


(415) 473-3240


1682 Novato Blvd., Ste. 105
Novato, CA 94947