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Vision Impaired of Marin

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Vision Impaired of Marin

VIM's mission is to enhance and enrich the lives of vision, impaired people through support, fellowship, information, and programs.

VIM has been serving vision, impaired adults in Marin since 1974. Programs include a zoom support group, a talking book club, art classes, luncheons, outings, nature walks, and guided tours. VIM offers a free discovery session where you can ask your questions receive valuable information and resources by phone.

Those who participate in VIM's programs find fellowship, feel, supported and learn the resources, tips and tools that make life living with vision impairment easier. For those who do not want to participate in VIM's programs, please call for a free discovery session. Living with vision impairment can be frightening and isolating, we are here to support you.


(415) 459-5066


369B 3rd St., #183
San Rafael, CA 94901