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Improve Child Health Outcomes

Healthy Families America Affiliate logoHealthy Families Marin Home Visiting (HFM) offers home visiting for parents of newborns. The program is designed to support parents, share information about child development and parenting, and provide information and referrals to families of infants and young children.


Home visiting is rooted in the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for life-long, healthy development. Interactions between home visitors and families are relationship-based, designed to promote positive parent-child relationships and healthy attachment, strength-based, family centered and culturally sensitive models. Home visits help families build a strong bond with their child despite challenges such as single parenthood, low income, and depression that put children at risk for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), including abuse and neglect. Healthy Families America™ (HFA), the Home visiting model implemented, is evidence-based and has demonstrated effectiveness in meeting criteria the Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program in all eight domains examined by the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness (HomVee) review. Healthy Families Marin is the local implementation of Healthy Families America™.

When (Enrollment Criteria)

Referred families residing in Marin are enrolled prenatally or before three months of birth. Once enrolled, services are offered to families until the child’s fifth birthday.  Participation in the program by the family is voluntary.


Once enrolled, parents are offered one home visit per week for the first six months after the child’s birth. During COVID-19, visits are via Zoom. After the initial months, visit frequency is based on families’ needs and progress over time. Typically, home visits last one hour.

How (Scope of Service)

Visits include:

  • screenings and assessments to identify how best to support families develop the full potential of their child;
  •  home visiting services; and
  • routine screening for child development and maternal well-being.

HFM staff are trained and knowledgeable about prenatal support, child development, maternal and child healthcare and community resources.  Core training includes trauma-informed practice, key parent-child attachment principles and how to support parents in implementing these, as well as reflective strategies that support parents in feeling competent and empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

How to Refer

To make a referral, use the “View the Referral Form” link on this page.  This link provides a HIPAA compliant communication to Healthy Families Marin. Parents are welcome to self-refer. Referrals will be reviewed, and we will reach out to the family.  Please let the families know you are making this referral to Marin Family Marin.  Services will be offered based on the needs of the family and availability of staff. Please contact us at (415) 473-6008 with any questions.

View the Referral Form

Meet our Healthy Families Marin Home Visitors

Ana Ortiz

Ana OrtizWhat makes Ana a great home visitor is her life experience as part of the community. Ana grew up in the Canal, members of her family still live there. She became a mother at 17 years old, so she has much in common with many mothers in the community. Ana is bilingual (Spanish) and started her career as a volunteer working as a compañera.  She has had firsthand knowledge accessing services and appreciates how challenging it can be when you lack the guidance, may not speak the language, and struggle with keeping your family safe. Ana has worked in the County for the last 12 years, providing insurance assistance and most recently has completed formal training in child development and trauma informed care.  Ana enjoys and is skilled at supporting mothers who wish to be successful at breast feeding and raising strong independent children.

Contact Information for Ana Ortiz: / (415) 473-3448

Fevita Koirala


Fevita KoiralaWhat makes Fevita a great home visitor is her love for children and their families.  She is bilingual (Spanish) and grew up in the Central Valley and is the first in her family to graduate from college, graduating with a degree in child development. Fevita’s passion for working with children started early.  Starting in high school and then after her graduation from college, she tutored grammar school children, worked with children with special needs, and facilitated parent groups.  Fevita is passionate about supporting parents in providing their child with the best opportunity to meet their fullest potential.

Contact Information for Fevita Koirala: / (415) 473-7499


Cecilia JovelCecilia Jovel

What makes Cecilia a great home visitor is her commitment and belief that we have the responsibility to try to make our world a safer and better place for our children. Cecilia was born in El Salvador and was raised in San Rafael Canal area. She graduated from Dominican University with a BA in business. Her commitment working with the community to support women's abilities and resilience in finding their way despite challenges. She supports her clients to explore what their passions are and set goals to achieve them. In her spare time Cecilia loves working on her crafts, hiking, and best of all watching movies with her son who enjoys scary movies which means, squeezing his hand! Cecilia believes that creativity in the workplace is the key to success.

Contact Information for Cecilia Jovel: / (415) 473-7398


Flor Gonzalez

What makes Flor a great home visitor is her ability to connect with families. She was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She came to the States when she was four years old. She truly understands the challenges that the migrant community members face when they are new to this country. She grew up in San Anselmo. She has two boys, a 16-year-old, and a 10-year-old, who are currently enrolled in San Rafael City Schools. She enjoys learning new cooking recipes and having her husband and kids be the tasters. She takes pride in her family! Flor has been working with the community for the past 6 years and has built a strong relationship within the community and with community partners. Flor is all about empowering mothers, creating a safe place for them, and aiding them to flourish and having them become their best versions of themselves!

Contact Information for Flor Gonzalez: / (415) 473-7698

Gladys Rodas

What makes Gladys a great home visitor is her ability to meet people where they are at. She believes establishing rapport while acknowledging and celebrating each family's differences is essential in building long lasting and meaningful connections with her clients. Gladys is bilingual (Spanish) and grew up here in San Rafael. She graduated from UCSD with a public health degree and has been working in her communities the past 6 years. She has experience working with special needs children, she is trained in mental health first aid and is an advocate for wellness and mental health. Gladys truly believes in the saying “it takes a village” when it comes to raising our children. She finds joy in helping new mothers step into their power by giving them the tools they need to become self-sufficient and embrace their new role with love and patience. In her spare time Gladys enjoys playing with her puppy, doing resin crafts, going out to new restaurants, and most importantly trying out her daughter’s next new hobby (as those frequently change at 4 years old).

Contact Information for Gladys Rodas: / (415) 473-6340

Wendy Lopez-Silverio

What makes Wendy a great home visitor is her eagerness to cultivate a strong community. Wendy is bilingual (Spanish), born and raised in Marin. Coming from parents who migrated to this Country she knows the day-to-day challenges one can face. From a nanny, to working at school settings and hosting postpartum support groups for new and expecting mother; Wendy feels the importance to support and guide other parents through the early stages of raising a family. Facing Postpartum depression herself with her first pregnancy, she understands the journey to better yourself, and firmly believes that no parents should face this alone. She meets families where they are, with the goal of creating trust and achieving positive educational outcomes. On her spare time, she loves spending time with family, hiking, and socializing. Wendy is described by peers as compassionate, patient, attentive and empathetic. She is ready to provide you with direct support and guide your family to services you may need.

Contact information for Wendy Lopez-Silverio: / (415)473-6825