County of Marin Health and Human Services

Helping Older People Excel (HOPE) Full Service Partnership Program and Senior Peer Counseling

HOPE Program and Senior Peer Counseling Telephone: 415-473-4306
Address: 10 N. San Pedro Road, Ste. 1020, San Rafael, CA 94903


The HOPE Program & Senior Peer Counseling is intended to support older adults, age 60 and above, who suffer from mild, moderate or severe mental illness. The goal of the program is to improve social & emotional functioning in order to preserve independence, physical health, dignity and purpose.

Target Population

The target population of the HOPE Program & Senior Peer Counseling is older adults, age 60 and above, who are unserved, underserved, or not optimally served by traditional mental health services. These older adults are currently experiencing a decline in mental health well-being and as a result also experiencing a reduction in their personal or community functioning. For many the risk of needing a higher level of care such as a hospital, is elevated. Individuals may or may not have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder

Admission Criteria

The HOPE Program & SPC has a number of different services.  All services start with an in-home psychosocial assessment. Depending on the individual's needs admission criteria is as follows:

Senior Peer Counseling: Age 60 and above and is experiencing mild to moderate mental health symptoms. Precipitating stressors often include phase of life issues such as grief, loss, and issues of aging. This service provides weekly individual, home-based emotional support with a trained Senior Peer Counselor volunteer. Services are free of charge and insurance is not needed.

Counseling: Age 60 and above and is experiencing moderate to severe mental health symptoms. This service provides weekly individual or group psychotherapy with a Behavioral Health and Recovery Services registered intern. Medi-Cal insurance needed.

Intensive Case Management: Age 60 and above and is experiencing severe mental health symptoms due to a chronic and persistent mental health illness. The older adult who qualifies for this service is experiencing distressing psychiatric symptoms, has several active risk factors which if left unsupported, may result in hospitalization, homelessness or an LPS conservatorship. Please see "Services Provided" for additional information. Medi-Cal insurance needed.

Services Provided

  • Information and Referral
  • Professional Consultation
  • In-home psychosocial assessment
  • Senior Peer Counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Intensive Case Management 
    • Personal Services Coordinator
    • Customized treatment goals established
    • Psychiatric treatment
    • Skills building
    • Bridging to resources that will help support a meaningful life including: financial, independent living, health, educational, occupational, vocational, legal, substance use, family, community involvement

Contact Information

The HOPE Program and Senior Peer Counseling 415-473-4306

For general information regarding any services offered through Marin Behavioral Health and Recovery Services please call the Access Line at 888-818-1115

SERVICES ARE PROVIDED IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND VIETNAMESE. Interpreter services are available for other languages upon request.

Mental Health and Substance Use Services (MHSUS) changed its name to Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS).  As such, all references in existing departmental policies and procedures to MHSUS can be understood to reference BHRS as well.