County of Marin Health and Human Services

Local Oral Health Program

The Local Oral Health Plan is a county-wide initiative to improve the oral health of Marin residents and achieve oral health equity in Marin. Through funding made available from Proposition 56, a tobacco tax, the California Department of Public Health awarded Marin County a five-year grant in 2018 to develop a Local Oral Health Program.  The goal of this Program is to create a coordinated system of oral health care in Marin County. 

The Program will include a stakeholder-driven process that includes the following objectives:

  • Develop a needs assessment
  • Create an improvement plan
  • Implement evidence-based programs identified in the plan and evaluate these programs
  • Develop prevention and healthcare guidelines that are integrated between oral health and overall healthcare
  • Coordinate outreach and education that is integrated between oral health and overall healthcare
  • Establish effective oral healthcare delivery and care coordination including workforce development
  • Expand existing oral health networks

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