County of Marin Health and Human Services

Marin County Jail Mental Health Team

The Jail Mental Health Team provides consultation, evaluation, reentry planning, and placement services for mentally disordered offenders at the County Jail.  The goal of the jail mental health service is to provide seamless psychiatric care for clients who are involved with mental health and substance use services and private providers during a jail stay.

Court ordered evaluations are performed in the County Jail.  Crisis intervention in the jail can include transfer of the inmate to the Crisis Stabilization Unit for further evaluation and treatment.

In addition, the Team provides referrals, evaluations, and other consultations to the jail staff, as well as to the courts, District Attorney, and Public Defender’s Office when permission has been given to share protected health information.  BHRS staff participate in pre-trial conferences and provide clinical input to the court as requested.

Telephone: 415-473-6648

Mental Health and Substance Use Services (MHSUS) changed its name to Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS).  As such, all references in existing departmental policies and procedures to MHSUS can be understood to reference BHRS as well.