County of Marin Health and Human Services

Prevention Hub

Working together to advance effective prevention practices to improve the health of all people and communities in Marin County.

What is the Prevention Hub?

  • A cross divisional effort within the County
  • Improved partnerships with schools, communities and organizations
  • Working smarter with existing resources
  • Changing the landscape of where we live, learn, work and play

What are we working on?

Healthy Retail

Did you know that retail environments directly impacts community health? The Marin County Prevention Hub and our partners are excited to unveil our new collaborative campaign to promote healthier retail environments for Marin County! We are working together to promote healthy options and reduce availability and advertising of tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy foods and beverages in Marin City and the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael.

This is an issue that is often overlooked by the public since unhealthy products and advertising in the retail setting has been heavily normalized by the alcohol, tobacco and food industries.

Contact: Kristen Law,

Intimate Partner Violence

The goal is to stop Intimate partner violence (IPV) before it begins. There is a lot to learn about how to prevent IPV and what are the best strategies to address this issue in Marin.  We do know that promoting healthy behaviors in relationships are important. 

We are working with the Prevention Institute and broad list of community stakeholders to develop both a strategic framework and a roadmap for working together on comprehensive prevention approaches related to IPV.

Contact: Felice McClenon,

Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse Initiative

Did you know that in Marin, more people die from prescription drug overdoses than from motor vehicle accidents? HHS and our community partners are currently creating Marin’s first coordinated, countywide strategic plan to prevent prescription drug misuse and abuse!

Prescription drug misuse and abuse is the nation’s fastest growing health problem and a serious concern in Marin County. Prescription drug misuse is defined as the non-medical use of physician prescribed medication. Although Marin is recognized as one of the healthiest counties in California, we have an unhealthy relationship with prescription drugs. In Marin, more people die from misusing and abusing prescription drugs than from motor vehicle accidents.

Planning Process and Registration
This strategic planning process will bring together community members from various sectors to identify Marin’s local assets and needs, and create priorities and action steps to preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse. The community plan will facilitate greater collaboration across programs and services and will ensure that we create a comprehensive and actionable plan for preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse.

Strategic planning will occur between February and May and Implementation will begin in June.  The kickoff will be on February 5th from 7:30am – 1:00pm and will be held at the Sheraton Four Points, 1010 Northgate Dr. in San Rafael. Come early for a networking breakfast at 7:15am.  You will have the opportunity to join optional workgroups based on the priorities we set at this first meeting.

Registration for this planning session is critical.  Please register by Friday, December 13th. Please click on the following link (or copy and paste it into a URL) to complete your registration:

Contact Kristen Law or call (415) 473-4230

Community Coalitions for Alcohol & Drug Prevention

Twin Cities Coalition for Healthy Youth (415) 927-5150
Healthy Novato (415) 493-4322
Novato Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth (415) 798-5329/415-899-8236
San Rafael Alcohol Compliance Team (415) 473-4230
Smoke-Free Marin (415) 473-3020

Community Prevention and Youth Development: Youth Leadership Institute / Friday Night Live (415) 455-1676