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Requests For Proposals or Statements of Interest (RFP)

Current Requests for Proposals

Control Number: 2022-16
County of Marin Health and Human Services, CalWORKs, Welfare-to-Work, seeks the services of qualified professionals to provide learning disability evaluation for referred English and Spanish speaking clients of the CalWORKs Employment Services.
Control Number: 2022-15
HHS Division of Whole Person Care is seeking additional proposals to increase our established pool of contractors to provide intensive housing-based case management (HBCM), which may be paired with Section 811 vouchers from Marin Housing Authority to create new permanent supportive housing. The vendor pool currently includes Catholic Charities, Community Action Marin, Marin Community...
Control Number: 2022-14
Marin County HHS Division of Whole Person Care is seeking collaborative proposals that show a strong inter-agency partnership to develop a robust program to provide reliable, regular, and relevant medical care and/or behavioral health services in the field to people experiencing homelessness.  Applicants will be required to partner with another organization to create a proposal that does not...
Control Number: 2022-13
The County of Marin seeks seek public or nonprofit providers for the provision of one-time American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funded federal Older Americans Act (OAA) Title III B Supportive Services Program and Title IIID Health Promotion Services Program and California Dignity at Home Fall Prevention Program funding to support the wellbeing and safety of older adults throughout Marin County. 
Control Number: 2022-12
This RFP is designed to establish and implement one (1) Substance  Use Prevention Community Coalition in Southern Marin. Coalitions are expected to work within their communities to identify and address local substance use issues in alignment with the Substance Use Prevention Strategic Plan (2020-2025).
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