County of Marin Health and Human Services

Sober Living Environment Partnership Program

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The County of Marin Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) is seeking an organization to partner with the County of Marin to seek, purchase and manage housing unit(s) that would meet the needs of, at a minimum, a 10-12 bed Sober Living Environment for individuals referred by Marin County Probation Department.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Open Questions Period: 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 to Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Questions and Answers: 

The Question: Does the county have a preferred town(s)?

Is there a greater demand in the County for a Men’s or Women’s residence?

The Answer: The County does not have a preferred town to locate an SLE.  The County currently contracts for more men’s SLE residences than female SLE residences.  Ideally, through this RFI, the County could add 2 additional residences: one female and one male. 

The Question: The client population served is described as “medium to high risk”. Is that the same risk level of clients that are currently being referred through the county or is this a higher risk population?

The Answer: The client population is the same as is being currently referred.

The Question: Is the Counties intention to essentially act as the source of funds ie the bank? For example...The operator( Luminous ) finds and acquires an appropriate property, Marin County provides funding via a note or a loan to Luminous, principal ant interest payments are made to MC? In essence Luminous owns the property and MC holds the note?

The Answer: The County will provide a grant to the successful non-profit on the express condition that any purchase by the non-profit be pre-approved by County before the grant. In addition, the County would require a deed restriction to use the property only as an SLE.  Further, the County would require an option to purchase the property at some future time at a specific price, which will take into consideration the amount of the grant.

The Question: Assuming Luminous owns the property and MC hold the note and receives monthly and  interest and principal payments...would Marin County prefer to hold the note for a shorter period of time? Perhaps 15 years rather than 30?

The Answer: The specific details of financing and ownership will be negotiated with successful applicant(s) to this RFI. However, the County expectation is that the successful non-profit will primarily be paid as an operator of an SLE, and not take on potential risk or gain from real estate appreciation.

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