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Residential Substance Use Treatment Services (Re-Release)

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The County of Marin Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) is seeking to expand our residential provider network to include providers that offer the following services for adults (18+ years): gender-specific residential treatment; residential services in Spanish; and residential services for beneficiaries with complex co-occurring substance use disorders and serious mental illness.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018 to Monday, May 28, 2018

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Your Question: Attachment C, Medi-Cal Eligibility Verification, number 2 states: “If a client is uninsured, describe your process—including the position(s) responsible and timeframes—for linking the client to Medi-Cal, Covered California or other resources for obtaining health insurance.” As a provider existing in San Francisco, and not Marin, are we obligated to link clients to Marin’s Medi-Cal? This would prove logistically difficult, given the geographic distance

Answer: We have contracts with several recovery coaches who would support clients in establishing Marin County Medi-Cal, provide transportation to and from the facility, and assist with transportation as needed.

Your Question: Do proposers have the ability to decline accepting patients, without penalty, if circumstances are prohibiting (ie: the residential facility is full)?

 Answer: Yes, contracted agencies retain the right to decline admission to clients who may not be suitable for their program or for other reasons such as lack of capacity.  Potential clients may not be refused services based on ability to pay.

Your Question: Are proposers obligated to accept the maximum number of contracted capacity they have proposed will be available, or do they have the option to decline referrals?

Answer: No, Providers may decline referrals based on medical necessity, capacity, etc. just not based on ability to pay

Your Question: Page 10 of the RFI, Proposed Budget, the first bullet point states: “The job classification (e.g. LPHA, Certified Substance Use Counselor) and FTE dedicated to the proposed services.”  What exactly is being requested here? Does the County want us to list all of the job classifications and the FTE for each of those positions that are present at each residential facility? Or something else? Please clarify.

 Answer: Yes. We are looking for the dedicated job classifications and associated FTE that would be used in the development of the program budget.  If selected, County staff will work individually with agencies to determine a bed day rate during the contractual process.  For residential treatment services, we are looking for an overall program budget which is then divided by the number of beds available followed by the number of beds contracted for.  For example, if the agency has a 50-bed facility, each bed would cost $X dollars, multiplied by the number of beds Marin County determines are needed.

Your Question: Pages 11-12 of the RFI, Section B. Submission Deadline and Format, states: “One original application and three additional copies of all documents must be received at the following location no later than 3:00pm on June 5, 2018. Letters of Interest with insufficient copies cannot be properly disseminated to the evaluation committee and other reviewers for necessary action and therefore will not be processed. Applications may also be submitted via email at the following e-mail address.”  Must proposers submit hard copies and an electronic copy? Or is submitting only an electronic copy an option?

Answer: You may submit an application either by hard copy (one original and 3 copies) or via email.

Question: Are out of county providers (San Francisco) eligible to submit proposal and provide residential services in San Francisco county?

Answer: Yes

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