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Whole Person Care Outreach and Engagement for Marin

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Whole Person Care seeks to partner with incorporated cities in Marin (including Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs) of those entities) as well as Marin County Sheriff, Library and Parks, to conduct outreach and engagement services aligned with WPC underlying philosophies and practice methodologies.

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Proposal Close Date: 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Open Questions Period: 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 to Thursday, August 1, 2019

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Questions and Answers: 

Q: Will this include additional funding to expand detox facilities and residential treatment programs, so desperately needed?

A: No, this funding does not allow for that use.

Q: What is the method for tracking services delivered and developing the reimbursement rate?

A: Contracts developed under this proposal will be for  ‘fee for service’ units.  That simply means there is a record of, and reimbursement for, the delivery of a distinct service to a distinct individual.  Linked here are two documents:  1) a sample budget worksheet and 2) a service delivery tracking sheet (I&R Attestations) that would be used to “claim” payments on a monthly basis for services delivered. 

Contractors will report how many interactions they deliver on a monthly basis and how long, on average, each interaction takes.  The maximum reimbursement for each interaction will be half of the cost or $45 if the cost per unit is equal to or exceeds $90. 

Respondents to the RFP should include a completed budget worksheet with their response.

Q:  Can police officers bill for an outreach contact and then do an enforcement action?  For example, an officer contacts someone, they chat with the individual about what's going on, and then see an open container of alcohol and cite for it.  Does the citation erase the contact time prior to that?

A:  We would not be able to do reimbursement for interactions that result in a citation.

Q:  What is reimbursable as far as the management of tracking billable contacts?  If I spend two hours a month logging my time, is that billable?  Or, is it only contact time with an individual?

A:  The time spent in client engagement is what’s billable – not the time spent documenting, unfortunately.  The billable contact time may include the time spent going to and from the client though. 

Q:  If two staff members are involved in a client interaction, can we bill for the time both staff spent?   

A: Unfortunately, no.  The client interactions are billable once regardless of whether there was one, two, or more staff present. 

Q:  Can police officers be trained to do the VI-SPDAT?

A:  No.  Police Officers cannot administer the VI-SPDAT.

Q: When completing the budget template, should we show the entire cost of positions, including overhead and indirect costs?

A: Yes

Q: Your Question: Greetings!  I am writing you from Bloom Marin, where we dress clients transitioning from difficult situations (drug/alcohol recovery, recently released from prison, domestic violence victims, homeless, etc.) so they have the appearance and clothing needed to take their next pivotal step in life (job interviews, new employment, housing interviews, etc).  We also serve children, dressing them for school success.  We celebrate our 20th Anniversary this year, having served over 18,000 Marin residents to date, and 1,500 annually.  I am wondering if there might be an opportunity to apply for funding through this grant program? 

A: The RFP is limited to those applicants specifically named in the RFP, namely:

  • Belvedere
  • Corte Madera
  • Fairfax
  • Larkspur
  • Mill Valley
  • Novato
  • Ross
  • San Anselmo
  • San Rafael
  • Sausalito
  • Tiburon
  • Richardson Bay Regional Agency
  • Central Marin Police Department
  • Marin County Sheriff
  • Marin County Library
  • Marin County Parks Department

Q: Can funds be allocated for part-time assistance to coordinate outreach efforts being conducted by multiple agencies that funnel into the coordinated entry program system?

A: This RFP can support direct outreach services only.  It cannot be used to support coordination, project management, and general administration positions, for example.