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Housing for a Healthy California Application Partner for Rental Assistance Grant

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Marin County Health and Human Services seeks an applicant partner with experience administering rental subsidies to people experiencing homelessness to jointly apply for Housing for a Healthy California funds. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 to Wednesday, July 3, 2019

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We are family of 3 two moms and 1 daughter and can't afford 1bedroom here in Marin we like the area so much. My daughter are starting to grow up and thinking to have a 1 bedroom sooner or later are we eligible for this housing programs?

This RFP is for a homeless services provider to administer rental assistance. If you are currently experiencing homelessness, please call 473-HOME, Adopt A Family of Marin at (415) 456-7805, or the St. Vincent's Housing Help Desk at 822 B Street in San Rafael starting at 10:45 a.m. Monday-Friday.

What is the total amount that will be awarded through this application?

The authorizing resolution going to the Board of Supervisors authorizes HHS to apply for up to $5 million. We encourage applicants to choose an amount that is commensurate with their existing programs and their ability to create a sustainability plan for clients receiving rental assistance after 5 years. Please consult the HHC Article II Supplemental Application, Tab B: Unit Mix & Max Award Amount ( for the maximum rental assistance award.

When does the rental assistance have to start? What if the project won't be open until Summer 2021? When will the contract begin? What is the expected program period - start and end dates?

The Housing for a Healthy California RFP states, "Projects must meet a June 30, 2020 deadline to encumber funds and a June 30, 2023 deadline to liquidate funds." There is no specified timeline for when funds must be spent included in the state regulations, and the County does not intend to impose any restrictions beyond those imposed by the state. However, we recommend applicants who do not wish to begin rental assistance immediately email the state at to ensure that their timeline will be acceptable to the state.

Is the funding for this assistance expected to be renewed, or is it expected to end after five years?

There is currently no word from the state that this funding will be renewed. Applicants should not include renewal funding as part of their sustainability plan.

Can the project serve undocumented persons?

We have reached out to the state for clarification on this issue and will update this response if we hear back before the RFP closes.

Re the SSI eligibility requirement, do residents actually have to apply for SSI, or just be eligible for SSI?

Residents must be eligible for SSI.

Must all the units in a project serve the target population (and receive rental assistance), or can there be set-aside units for the target population while other units serve a different population?

If "project" refers to a single-site housing project, any number of the units in that project may received rental assistance subsidies for the target population. If "project" refers to the rental assistance project being proposed in response to this RFP, all clients receiving rental assistance must meet the population criteria. These clients may be housed in any unit (although units must meet housing quality standards and must be located in Marin to maintain eligibility for County services).

Can the project serve TAY at the same site?

Yes, if TAY meet the target population criteria, they may receive rental assistance. If the TAY are not receiving rental assistance, there are no restrictions on other clients who live at the same site.

What are the supportive service requirements and expectations? Are there any dollars for supportive services?

There is no supportive services funding for this project. All clients will have housing-based case management through Marin County HHS. Applicants may include any additional supportive services they would connect clients to through alternate funding sources, if that is part of their proposed rental assistance project (e.g. an agency that provides substance use services could describe how those would be offered to rental assistance clients).

Can rental assistance funds be used for any other housing-related costs in addition to monthly rental costs? For example, could they be used for costs such a security deposit, move-in costs, or other related costs a client might have? Can any of the funds be used for administration? If so, is there a cap?

As other housing-related costs are not mentioned as eligible program activities in the Guidelines or the NOFA, absent additional guidance from the state they are not allowed. Applicants may contact the state at to confirm eligible expenses.

Applicants may propose up to 10% of their budget as administration costs.

Regarding the experience narrative, do you have a specified timeframe (start and end dates) for the numbers of persons and households served with rental assistance in the previous 3 years? Or can we simply use our own last three program years? Are there particular types of rental subsidies that count toward experience? Can we count all of our PSH since all of our units are subsidized in one way or another? 

Experience should be as recent as possible, given the available data. The recommended date range is July 1, 2016-June 30, 2019, but projects may use alternate dates if necessary.

As the HHC guidelines do not define rental subsidy, HHS will accept any type of rental subsidy as experience, including subsidized units, provided the housing is permanent (including PSH and RRH). For rental subsidies for the target population, any client who is chronically homeless, or homeless with a disability, will count as similar to the target population.

We take it that you are not accepting applications for capitalized operating subsidy reserve funds at this time? 


Is there the ability to apply for RRH?

RRH is not an eligible program activity under the Housing for a Healthy California guidelines.

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