County of Marin Health and Human Services

CalWORKs Employment Services Housing Support Program

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RFP Description: 

The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services, seeks applicants for the CalWORKs Employment Services Housing Support Program (HSP). The goal of HSP is to assist homeless CalWORKs families in quickly obtaining permanent housing and to provide supports to families fostering housing retention.

The RFP response submission deadline, applicant award notification and protest submission deadlines have been extended due to power outages and fire response. New deadlines are as follows:

  • RFP response submission deadline: Tuesday, November 12th at 12pm
  • Applicant award notification: Friday November 22nd
  • Protest submission deadline: Monday December 2nd 12pm

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Proposal Close Date: 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Open Questions Period: 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 to Friday, October 18, 2019

Proposal Contact: 

Questions and Answers: 

Question: For the biweekly onsite visits responsibility of the Contractor, what is the time frame needed and what will the content of the meeting be?

Answer: These visits from the Contractor to the County office will be based on program need.  Time frame will be negotiable, although we do not foresee the Contractor needing to be present for a full work day.  This will be an opportunity for the Contractor and County staff to collaborate and co-case manage active HSP cases. This practice will also allow for clients to meet with their Eligibility Worker, WTW counselor and HSP case manager, all in one office. 

Question: Are the components of the application the attachments on pg. 16?

Answer: Yes, attachments A, B, and C are the components of the application.

Question: In regard to the references for data entry in HMIS, will the County construct a guide and provide more detailed information on what data the Contractor should be collecting?

Answer: Yes, written instructions will be documented within the HSP Guidelines soon. In addition, some technical assistance will be provided during the RRH/CE Team meetings, which the County is expecting the Contractor to attend.

Question: Are home visits (pre-move in inspection and one month after move in date) required for clients who are relocated outside of the county?

Answer:Clients who relocate outside of the County will receive a move-in inspection/home visit on a case by case basis.  Clients who relocate to neighboring cities (such as Petaluma, Richmond, etc.) should be accommodated for this service, while a client who relocates a longer distance away (such as Sacramento, etc.) might not be required, however, Contractor must coordinate with County prior to approval.

Question: Additionally, are there requirements for meetings with CWES outside of Marin County for those clients?

Answer: Other than pre-inspection and home visit 30 days after move-in, there are no additional meetings.

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