County of Marin Health and Human Services

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Prevention and Control Services Grant

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RFP Description: 

Marin County Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health seeks proposals to conduct prevention, testing, linkage to care, and retention in care activities for the most vulnerable and underserved individuals living with, or at high risk for, HCV infection.

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Proposal Close Date: 

Friday, January 31, 2020

Open Questions Period: 

Monday, January 6, 2020 to Friday, January 24, 2020

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Questions and Answers: 

Q:  The RFP indicates that the proposal has a twelve-page limit total and a two-page limit for the executive summary.  Are there any other page limits for other sections of the proposal?

A:  No. 

Q:  Did the County give any thought to becoming a clearinghouse for buying HCV tests or should we include the purchase of HCV tests in our budgets?

A:  You should include the purchase of HCV tests in your budgets.  Due to significant rollover of funds (about nine months), there shouldn’t be a budget issue in purchasing HCV tests.  We are open to that idea but will wait and make the decisions later.  As of now, we will not be a clearinghouse for HCV tests.

Q:  On page 2 of the RFP under Section B. Eligible Applicants it states “…assurance of treatment.”  What does this mean?  Is this completed treatment or sustained virologic response (SVR)? 

A:  The sentence states “and/or” so the assurance of treatment is not required.  Nonprofits can demonstrate outreach, linkage, and care coordination efforts.  A medical provider can assure treatment by showing the number of patients they have treated.  Since nonprofits don’t have access to medical records, you could show proof of first appointment for treatment.

Q:  On page 7 of the RFP under Section 5 Budget and Fiscal Administration, what do you mean by “leveraged funds?”  Do we explain how we are conducting similar activities with different grants? 

A:  Yes, that is leveraged funds. 

Q:  To the extent those funds are used in the provision of services, should they be seen as in-kind items? 

A:  Yes, they can be listed in-kind/supported by other grants.  Clearly put what other shared personnel or other infrastructure you are using to support the grant.  What most grants are asking for is for you to quantify the work being done to support the project.  For example, your agency can list some of your current mobile services as in-kind. 

Q:  For the activities that is new to the agency from this grant and the activities funded by another grant, how do we put that in the proposal?

A:  For example, you could bill half of the time to this grant and half to the other grant.  That is up to you and what your program design is.  You could have a standalone HCV program, but it is unlikely since you are already doing some of this work.  You want to include that as in-kind, so we can see this proposal fit into the continuum of services. 

Q: The max award to an organization is $35K or 90K?

A:  The max award an organization can apply for is $35K.  The county is funding up to a total of $90K for all agencies combined.  If fewer qualified proposals are received, there is the possibility of funding an organization more than $35K. 

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