County of Marin Health and Human Services

Dignity at Home Fall Prevention Program

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The County of Marin Aging and Adult Services (AAS) seeks one or more private, nonprofit, or government entity organizations to provide services including injury prevention information, education and referral services; and injury prevention assessments and home modifications including injury prevention equipment, materials and labor costs.  Bids that provide a range of educational and referral services along with home modifications will be highly desirable.

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Proposal Close Date: 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Open Questions Period: 

Thursday, October 22, 2020 to Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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Questions and Answers: 


Question: It looks like ethnicity is stressed very much in the RFP.  Is it required that the winning bidder search for clients who are older adult persons of color?

Answer: The AAA seeks proposals that will serve older adult persons of color at least proportionally to the racial/ethnic makeup of Marin County’s older adult population. In Marin, persons of color age 60 and older comprise about 10% of the population.  A plan for outreach and marketing to these communities in Marin is recommended.

Question: Can the education piece include printed material and blogs and social media posts?

Answer: Yes

Question: Would Marin AAA prefer collaborative proposals or for bidders to work on their own?  What would put a bidder in a better position to win this bid?

Answer: Collaborative proposals that show a strong inter-agency partnership to develop a robust program that does not lead to duplicative or fragmented services are highly desirable. 

Question: What percentage of the money should go toward administrative?

Answer: Maximum 10%

Question: For the service of medication management, how involved does this have to be?

Answer: The table of services in the RFP shows the possible services that a bidder could choose to do. The bidder does not have to do all the services listed in the table.  Medication management could be as simple as providing pill organizers to clients.

Question: Are the service categories weighted differently?

Answer: No

Question: Where will payments be coming from?

Answer: The County of Marin

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