County of Marin Health and Human Services

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Strategic Planning Consultant

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BHRS is seeking proposals from qualified bidders to provide Strategic Planning services to assist BHRS in the planning, development, and implementation of an inclusive, innovative, and forward-thinking strategic plan with the goal of advancing behavioral and recovery services for our community.

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Proposal Close Date: 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Open Questions Period: 

Thursday, September 24, 2020 to Friday, October 16, 2020

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Questions and Answers: 

Question: Is there past or current vendor providing strategic planning consulting services for Marin County BHRS?

Answer: BHRS has worked with Resource Development Associates on subject specific strategic planning efforts; however, not for a division-wide strategic planning effort in recent years.

Question: Do you have a preference for a local planning consultant?

Answer: BHRS has a preference for vendors who have knowledge of California behavioral health policies and regulations, as well as Medi-Cal; however, it is not a requirement of the RFP to be local.

Question: Do you want full resumes or are 1-2 page biographies acceptable?

Answer: A resume or detailed biography that demonstrates the individual’s abilities and skills relevant to this project will be acceptable.

Question: Has the County already gathered data/input for the strategic plan that they would expect the contractor to utilize? If so, is the county able to specify what types of data have already been collected? (For example, has information on "existing behavioral health services and relevant data to Marin County behavioral health" already been collected?)

Answer: BHRS regularly collects data regarding the types of services rendered, client demographics that are all related to this project. We can provide necessary aggregated, deidentified data.

Question: Does the County foresee engaging an external contractor to conduct the evaluation of the strategic plan, or will it rely on an internal evaluation mechanism?

Answer: BHRS will consider both internal external opportunities to evaluate our progress of the strategic plan. 

Question: In section V.3.a.1: To what extent will the vendor be responsible for recruitment of strategic planning participants vs. will BHRS facilitate the identification of participants and recruitment?

Answer: BHRS staff will help to facilitate the identification and recruitment of participants.

Question: In section V.3.a.1: The RFP states that deliverables may include "create reporting platform for monitoring and reporting on the progress of the Strategic Plan". Can you describe what type of reporting platform may be desired, for example an online data dashboard, access to regularly timed static reports, etc.?

Answer: BHRS hopes that the awarded applicant can help identify what will be most helpful to BHRS for the purposes of monitoring and reporting on the progress of the strategic plan. This can be a platform or other tool.

Question: In section V.3.b.1: Please confirm that this section refers to the design of an evaluation plan that would be implemented after the end of this contract (e.g. the evaluation itself is not a part of this SOW, just the development of the evaluation plan).

Answer: Yes, that is correct. The awarded applicant would be expected to design an evaluation plan but may not necessarily be tasked with carrying out the evaluation itself.

Question: In section V.3.c.15: Our organization regularly subcontracts highly vetted translation services. Must subcontractors for translation services be identified with letters of commitment as part of the application process?

Answer: All subcontractors that will be used for this project must be identified with letters of commitment.

Question: Attachment B, SOW tables: Does BHRS want both tables completed or is it allowable to combine these into a single table provided all of the desired information is included?

Answer: Please complete all attachments. If you would like to supply a supplemental table, that can be included as part of your proposal.

Question: Does Marin County anticipate opportunities from other County partners for in-depth collaborations based on State level pending changes to funding, and focus on Prevention and Early Intervention?

Answer: BHRS intends for this strategic planning process to be inclusive of all County partners, including those focused on prevention and early intervention, as well as providers, peers, caregivers, and the community.

Question: With the current increase in mental health crises, has the Marin County Continuum of Crisis services been able to keep pace with the growing need?

Answer: We have seen some slight uptick of services rendered through our Crisis Continuum during the current pandemic; however, we have not had signification issues in keeping up with the pace with the aid of Disaster Service Workers.

Question: Attachment D (County's Standard Professional Services Contract) is referenced but not included in the RFP. Is it possible to get a copy of the County's Standard Professional Services Contract?

Answer: An updated RFP has been uploaded to this page to include the County’s Standard Professional Services Contract.

Question: What existing data do you have available to support the "comprehensive assessment of existing behavioral health services"?

Answer: BHRS regularly collects data regarding the types of services rendered, client demographics, etc that are related to this project. We can provide necessary aggregated, deidentified data.

Question: Do you have specific expectations for what an "inclusive community process" should entail, beyond the focus groups specified, or are you totally open to suggestions for this?

Answer: BHRS intends for this strategic planning process to be inclusive of all County partners, including providers, peers, caregivers, and the community. BHRS is open to suggestions on this process.

Question: Under 'final products' you list " Data Systems and Evaluation" and "Division Operations and Infrastructure." Do you mean recommendations for how to improve in these areas or do you have something else in mind here? Thank you for clarifying.

Answer: Yes, recommendations on how to improve our processes to include being more data driven and having a more responsive organizational infrastructure to meet the needs of our clients and the community.

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