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Resource Family Pre-Approval Training

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Children and Family Services (CFS) is seeking a provider to train all Resource Family applicants in Marin County that are working toward approval. Applicants should provide a training curriculum that covers all topic areas required by the written directives and any additional topic areas identified by CFS.  Training may be provided virtually and should accommodate 20-25 participants with a flexible training schedule that supports participation by families who are working and may have youth already placed in their care.

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Monday, March 22, 2021 to Monday, April 5, 2021

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Questions and Answers: 

Question: As part of the proposal do you want to see the entire 12+ hours of curriculum or an outline of the proposed curriculum?

Answer: An outline of the curriculum would be sufficient for the proposal, with more discussion around curriculum content if you are awarded the contract.

Question: Page 8 of the RFP asks for a cover page and specifies to use the template provided in Attachment A, but there is no such template.

Answer: Thank you, the Cover Page template was posted on this page on 03/29/2021.

Question: Does the Curriculum Outline count against the three pages on Part V Section B?

Answer: No, the curriculum outline can be added as an attachment and will not county against the three page limit.

Question: Is there capability to submit zip file of curriculum?

Answer: Yes, we've added the ability to upload a zip file to the online submission form found at the bottom of this page.

Question: Does the County pay the Co-trainer wage?

Answer: The budget quoted in RFP should include both trainer and co-trainer fees.

Question:Are there specific caregivers and foster youth who Marin County would like to attend the panels?

Answer: Our recruiter would help locate the participants for these panels out of our existing County families and youth.

Question:How long is it expected that the panel attend each module training?

Answer: The Youth and Caregiver panels are typically an hour each.

Question:How many caregivers and youth are required on each panel?

Answer: 2-3 caregivers and 2-3 youth.

Question:Is there a specific module(s) when these panels will be required?

Answer: Typically this panel is at the end of the modules.

Question: Can you provide more details about the structure of the required Marin caregiver panel and foster youth panel?

Answer: The Youth and Caregiver panels are typically an hour each and occur back to back. The trainers would prompt with questions about their experience but primarily questions from the training participants create the most fruitful conversation.

Question: I interpreted the page limit (excluding attachments) referred to items B-E. For clarity, is it 3 pages per section (i.e., B (3 pages), C (3 pages), etc.) or total 3 pages per proposal?

Answer: Please submit no more than 3 pages for questions 1-3, but you may submit additional pages for question C and D (these should hopefully not require three pages each to answer but no more than 3 pages each please).  There is no limit on pages for Budget (part E). Also no limit on pages for attaching a curriculum outline, and submitting a more extensive curriculum can be accommodated via zip file.

Question: Can proposers include additional relevant attachments (e.g. resumes of proposed training staff)? If so, will these count toward the maximum page limit?

Answer: Attachments will not count toward the page limit, but applicants should be judicious in what they attach.

Question: Is the Resource Parent Co-Trainer required to be a Marin County resource parent, or would an agency-employed Parent Partner who has experience directly parenting children in care meet that requirement?

Answer: We would prefer a Marin County RF given that they have direct experience with Marin CFS staff, schools, and community resources. Often times the RF co-trainer can be a resource to future RFs when they have questions about how things work in Marin, or resources available in Marin.

Question: Is there a required minimum number of participants per training?  

Answer: There is no set minimum number of participants, and we have held trainings with as few as 4 participants. If the enrollment in a particular cycle is low, we would expect to have a conversation with our provider about the pros and cons of proceeding with that cycle.

Question: Would the county advertise the trainings and refer families, or would the contractor be responsible for advertising about the trainings?

Answer: Our recruiter would be referring families to the training.

Question: Do the trainings need to be available to Marin families only? Or can they be integrated into larger trainings that are accessible by families from other counties?  

Answer: We have opened our training to RFs being approved by other agencies or counties if the RF lives in Marin or nearby.  We would want to prioritize the training for Marin RFs and if there is space, we would certainly welcome other families.

Question: Would the County be open to a perpetually hybrid model, where trainings are offered as a mix of virtual and in-person, even after it is safe to return to in-person services?  

Answer: This would need to be discussed when the time comes, but there is openness to a possible hybrid model, as our attendance has seemed to improve with virtual training.

Question: Should proposers include a budget narrative to explain/justify included budget expenses? If so, does it count toward the page limit, or can it be included in the budget section (which has no page limit)?  

Answer: Please include in the budget section, which has no page limit.

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