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Residential Substance Use Treatment Services

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The purpose of the RFP is seek applicants to provide residential substance use treatment services for Marin Medi-Cal beneficiaries and low income uninsured adults (18+years).

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Friday, April 30, 2021

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Wednesday, March 31, 2021 to Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Question: Is the RFP process only tied to only Drug MediCal (DMC-ODS Waiver) or is funding available for a straight contract an option through this process?

Answer: For Perinatal Residential services only, Drug/Medi-Cal certification or the ability to draw down Medi-Cal funding as part of the contract for these services is not required.  

Question: As Behavioral Health Information Notice No: 21-001 requires providers to submit new level of care applications by August 2021, would Marin county be open to awarding a contract with a provider who for example has a 'pending' level 3.3 application with the state, conditional upon approval?

Response: Yes, we would consider a ‘pending’ application, though the application would need to be approved in order to enter into a contract.

Question: Would Marin county accept proposals from providers in surrounding counties, and if so what is the preferred mileage radius?

Response: Yes, Marin will accept proposals from providers in surrounding counties. There is not a specific mileage radius associated with this RFP.

Question: Where can I find Attachment C, I only see Attachment A & B?

Response: Pages 18-32 of the RFP is Attachment C: Copy of the County's Standard Professional Services Contract

Question: We are Drug MediCal certified but have not gone live with the Drug MediCal (DMC-ODS Waiver). Therefore, we do not have medical services on site, required by the ASAM Levels of Care. We meet the ASAM requirements in other regards, we just do not have a medical director. Can I still choose a ASAM LOC that most closely describes our services -- or do we not qualify for this proposal for res services?

Response: IMS certification is not required for applications.  However, applicants to this RFP are required to be in compliance with DHCS Information Notice: 21-001, “all licensed AOD facilities shall obtain at lease one DHCS LOC Designation and/or at least one residential ASAM LOC Certification consistent with all of its program services.” For more information regarding the DHCS Level of Care Designations, including a list of current AOD facilities with a DHCS LOC Designation, review the DHCS website.

For Perinatal services, DMC certification is not required.  However, even though you have not gone live with the DMC-ODS Waiver, since you indicate you are DMC certified, you would be required to have a Medical Director as part of that application/certification process.  Both State Plan (Title 22 Regulation) and ODS Waivered (DMC-ODS Regulation) Counties are required to have a Medical Director.

Applicants should complete the RFP based on the their LOC Designation, whether it is ‘pending’ or ‘approved’, though the application would need to be approved in order to enter into a contract.

Question: 1. Based on the recent and historical trends, how many referrals can be expected per month/year? What percentage are men? Women? Transgender? 2. Of these referrals, what percentage are monolingual Spanish-speaking? PPW with children? Each of the relevant ASAM Levels of Care? 3. What provider currently receives the referrals for monolingual Spanish-speaking clients? Of these referrals, what percentage are PPW with children? Each of the relevant ASAM Levels of Care? 4. Will Marin County Recovery Coaches be responsible for transportation of out-of-county placements?


Admissions: On average 200 admissions per year – does not include Withdrawal Management admissions

  • Male (trans-inclusive): 63%
  • Female (trans-inclusive): 37% - Pregnant and Parenting Women (PPW): 11%
  • ASAM 3.1: 51%
  • ASAM 3.3: 4%
  • ASAM 3.5: 45%

*These are historical trends based on data from in-network providers but we expect these percentages may change based on the composition of the provider network.  

Monolingual Spanish: Through this RFP process, Marin County is seeking a provider to serve monolingual Spanish speaking beneficiaries through direct staff; Clients have been referred to various providers outside of the Marin network, as such we are seeking providers to fill this need. All current contract providers are expected to serve monolingual Spanish speaking clients  either directly or through interpreter services as outlined in contract language.

Transportation: Marin County will work with any out of county applicants to develop transportation planning (Partnership benefit, Recovery Coaches, Case Managers, Provider based transport); Please note that transportation is part of the all-inclusive residential rate as defined by, “Provision of or arrangement for transportation to and from medically necessary treatment”. If you are an out of county provider and are opting to provide transportation between your County and Marin, please make sure to include the cost in your budgeted rate. If you don’t plan on offering transportation from your County to Marin, please do not include in your rate.

Question: In your budget template, there is Column D for "Revenues". Does information populated in this column satisfy your requirement for budgeted revenues specified in your instructions, or is that a separate table we must provide? (I do not see any other templates to complete.)

Response: Yes, columns D and E of ‘Attachment B - Budget Template’ should be used to complete the budgeted revenues. Instructions for completing the attachment can be located in the RFP-HHS-2021-07; section VII. Application Instructions, subsection (3) Proposed Budget - Attachment B - Use Template Provided.

RFP-HHS-2021-07 Submission Form

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