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Request for Information for Potential Homekey Properties

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The County of Marin is contacting property owners/operators to solicit interest in potentially selling a property to the County and/or its development partner, contingent on grant funds being awarded and approval of an Option to Purchase Agreement by the Marin County Board of Supervisors. Appropriate properties include (but are not limited to): hotel/motel properties, certain commercial properties, mobile home/RV parks, and other properties that could be used for interim or permanent housing.

This RFI will remain open to additional proposals after the priority deadline of May 14.

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Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 12:00am

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Friday, April 30, 2021 - 12:00am to Friday, May 7, 2021 - 12:00am

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Couldn't the old Bridge Point Academy on Grant (at 8th) in Novato be converted into housing? I have no idea who owns the property, but it seems appropriate for conversion into transitional housing.

Thank you for the suggestion. 

What about buying the Americas Best Value hotel 7600 Redwood blvd?

Thank you for the suggestion.

We have surplus land on which a small house could be built for homeless occupants. There could be a number of problems like the Subdivision Map Act and neighbor reactions. Let us know if you are interested. 

Please submit a formal response to the RFI if you are interested. 


Who, would do the construction of your properties, we have glaziers, drywall finishers, floor layers, and painters.

Please contact me, Thank- you

We will not know our construction needs until we acquire the properties.

Would now empty Nazareth House be a good fit for women/children who need a home? Close to schools, shopping, transportation, health care

Thank you for the suggestion.

Due to this complex requirement, combined with the critical timeliness of the transactions required, would Marin HHS be open to utilizing commercial real estate brokerage services for this endeavor?

This RFI is to identify potential properties for purchase. The County may seek brokerage services in the future.

what are the guidelines if folks are going to sell their personal homes in small neighborhoods - we've had some section 8 housing in a few homes and some were problematic, i.e. drugs - are the folks being screened for mental health issues? Who will manage these properties, many times when it is the city it is not managed well at all. We have experienced it here where I live. Where will they receive services they need close to home?

Guidelines are the same for all properties and are outlined in the RFI. HHS has issued a Request for Proposals for housing developers to serve as owner/operator of a Homekey site. Supportive services appropriate to the target population will be provided.

Please post a list of potential Homekey properties.

The goal of this RFI is to find potential sellers for Homekey properties. As such, we do not currently have a list of potential properties. Potential properties will be shared with the community when a list has been developed. 

I would like to know where these locations are

The goal of this RFI is to find potential sellers for Homekey properties. As such, we do not currently have a list of potential properties. Potential properties will be shared with the community when a list has been developed. 

Good Day, Me and my partner are currently homeless and working in Marin County. Usually we sleep in our vehicle but when we do have funds available we use it to stay in a hotel. Unfortunately we dont have enough funds to save in order to move into a stable place. Its important we do find something soon because my other half had cervical angioplasty exactly 1 year ago and being homeless doesnt help.

We would like to apply for Project Home key of you can please send any information on how, or ANY info to be an applicant. We.would greatly appreciate it.

Any vacancies for Project Homekey will be filled through the County’s Coordinated Entry process. Please call the Housing Authority’s Coordinated Entry line at (415) 491-2559 and ask for an assessment for Coordinated Entry.

If you would be able to move into housing with help with the up-front costs, please contact the St. Vincent de Paul’s Housing Help Desk, which may be able to provide a security deposit and first/last month’s rent. To reach the Housing Help Desk call St. Vincent’s general line at 415-454-3303. You can leave a message there and someone will get back to you within 2 business days. You can also fill out referral forms in person during their Help Desk hours (Wednesdays from 1:30-3:30) at 820 B St. in San Rafael.

HI, I represent a district. We have some parcels within our district that are unusable for our agency. We have one undeveloped parcel in particular that would be very suitable for this project. This parcel was deeded to our district for the purpose of public recreation.

Wondering if selling this parcel for the Homekey project is worth pursuing?

Please submit a formal response to the RFI to enable further conversation about specific properties.

do you pay the going rate for the property ?

A property appraisal and will be conducted and negotiations entered for any property determined to be feasible for Project Homekey.

To be discussed at the appropriate time.

All questions must be submitted via the HHS website to ensure transparency. 

Does the property to be considered for procurement need to be in Marin county only? Would a proximately near property be even considered? I am asking how miles out should a property be to be considered?

Properties must be in Marin County. If you have a property in a neighboring county, we encourage you to contact that county to see if they are interested, as Project Homekey is statewide.

Please provide your email address so we can notify you when your question has been answered.