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Peer Support Specialist Program

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This RFP is seeking proposals from an agency (or agencies) who can recruit and support 15 (number may increase or decrease over time) Peer Support Specialists who will meet the standards set forth by SB 803 legislation and be embedded in Behavioral Health and Recovery Programs throughout the system of care. The contractor will work to recruit a diverse pool of Peer Support Specialists that reflects the demographics of the Medi-Cal population of the County including Latinx, Vietnamese, and LGBTQ+ individuals and will be committed to paying Peer Support Specialists a living wage and supporting their growth.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Open Questions Period: 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 to Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Questions and Answers: 

Question: The Family Partnership Program as it exists right now to serve parents and family members is funded to support nearly 11 positions. Two of these positions are not peer support specialists, they are Youth Mentors who were not required to have any past lived experience. Does this mean that the funding for these services has been cut to only support 7 FTE positions?

Answer: Positions that had formerly been known as Youth Mentors now have new requirements in alignment with SB 803 legislation and are included in the Peer Support Specialists focused on supporting behavioral health clients across the lifespan (which includes youth) rather than in the count of Peer Support Specialists supporting family members or caregivers. Also note that these are referencing Full Time Equivalents (FTEs), so two half time employees would add up to one FTE. 

Question: Is it possible to provide the RFP's Cover Sheet (Word) and Budget Template (Excel) in a non-PDF format. Thank you! 

Answer: These have now been uploaded. thanks!

Question:  If applying to place Peer Staff in both areas (supporting family members and caregivers and supporting BHRS clients across all lifespans), is it possible to increase FTE allowances in one area of support if FTE is under in other area of support? For example, if proposed staff structure for BHRS clients service does not equate 8 FTE hours, can unused hours be rolled over to increase FTE hours for family and caregiver services?

Answer: BHRS is looking to fill the designated FTEs requested for each area in this response. There also may be requests made by BHRS to see if the provider(s) can provider additional Peer Support Specialists FTEs (either supporting family members or clients) made during contracting or subsequent renewals prior to a new RFP. The distribution of Peer Support Specialist between supporting clients and families will be at the discretion of BHRS. If applying for the whole contract, the provider should plan on being able to provide the FTEs in the categories designated in this RFP by BHRS.

Question: Can we submit a proposal for the 7 Peer Support Specialists focused on family members or caregivers plus 2 FTE Peer Support Specialists focused on behavioral health clients who are youth, without applying for the additional 6 Peer Support Specialists supporting behavioral health clients?

Answer: You may apply in that fashion. Please make it clear in the RFP response what services you are interested in providing. However, as stated in the RFP, placement of contracted peers in specific programs will be made at the discretion of BHRS based on the needs of clients and programmatic needs.  

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