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Zika Information: Health Care Providers

New and revised resources are now available on the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website. The evolving Zika virus outbreak and science base have presented challenges for providers who are asked to educate, counsel, screen, monitor and manage patients with Zika virus exposure. These materials can be accessed through the CDPH Zika website.mosquito_zika.jpg

Questions about Zika Virus Diagnostic Testing in Marin County

Zika virus (ZIKV) diagnostic testing is only available when requested by a health care provider. Health care providers must complete the Marin County Screening Form.

Fax completed forms confidentially: 415 473 6002

ZIKV testing consultation is provided through the Marin County Communicable Disease Prevention and Control unit (415 473 4163).

Ordering ZIKV labs directly for your patients is easy and available.

CDPC will provide training to screen and authorize ZIKV testing for your patients.

To schedule training for your practice: Contact Marsha Grant RN @ 415 473 2092 /

Commercial laboratories performing Zika RT-PCR and IgM testing currently do not offer confirmatory serologic testing (plaque reduction neutralization test, or PRNT). Please contact CDPC prior to ordering commercial tests for guidance (by phone 415 473 4163 or e-mail,

Who should be tested for ZIKV?

Definition of ZIKV exposure

The definition of potential ZIKV exposure includes: (1) travel to an area where ZIKV is circulating (includes Miami, FL and Brownsville, TX); OR (2) having had sex with a person (male or female, symptomatic or asymptomatic) who traveled to an area where ZIKV is circulating up to 8 weeks prior to conception.

Pregnant Women (see Interim Guidance) - Updated May 5, 2017
  1. Screen pregnant women for risk of Zika exposure and symptoms of Zika. Promptly test pregnant women with NAT (Nucleic Acid Testing) if they become symptomatic during their pregnancy or if a sexual partner tests positive for Zika virus infection.

  2. Consider NAT testing at least once per trimester, unless a previous test has been positive.

  3. Consider NAT testing of amniocentesis specimens if amniocentesis is performed for other reasons.

  4. Counsel pregnant women each trimester on the limitations of IgM and NAT testing.

  1. For more information about Zika virus testing

  2. For more information about counseling before testing

Infants and Children
  1. Infants born to mothers with positive or inconclusive test results for ZIKV infection
  2. Infants born to mothers who have been unable to receive Zika screening, and have had a ZIKV exposure up to eight eight weeks prior to conception.
  3. Children with Microcephaly or Congenital Zika Syndrome whose mothers traveled to or resided in an area with ongoing ZIKV transmission during their pregnancy

Who should be considered for ZIKV testing?

  1. Non-pregnant patients with two or more compatible symptoms (fever, maculo-papular rash, arthralgia, or non-purulent conjunctivitis) and history of travel to a ZIKV-transmission area
  2. Patients diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) with a history of travel to a ZIKV-transmission area

Testing is not recommended for asymptomatic, non-pregnant persons.

For the CDC weekly updated map: All Countries & Territories with Active Zika Virus Transmission

What is the turnaround time for Zika testing?

  • RT - PCR testing at the state health lab will take approximately 2 weeks following sample receipt.
  • RT - PCR testing in commercial laboratories take approximately 1 - 2 weeks following sample receipt, but confirmatory testing must be completed by the State and requires completion of the Marin County Screening Form.
  • State Viral & Rickettsial Disease Laboratory will conduct serology testing and will take approximately 2-4 weeks for final reports
  • Serology testing at CDC will take approximately 4 - 6 weeks.
  • All results will be sent securely to the submitter at the fax number provided.

Clinician Resources

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Zika Virus Outreach and Education Toolkits: Pregnancy, Travel Education, Sexual Transmission.

Information about the US Zika Pregnancy Registry

Obstetric Healthcare Providers: How to participate
Pediatric Healthcare Providers: How to Participate