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Public Health Newsletter - June 2019

Public Health Newsletter - June 2019
Marin County Public Health Newsletter Volume 7 - Issue 6 - June 2019
In this Issue: Power Outages | Measles | Fair | Pharmacists | Epidemiology | Message from the Public Health Officer
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A message to physicians and other health care providers from Marin County's Public Health Officer.

Public Safety Power Outages

To prevent forest fires associated with power lines, PG&E will continue to conduct Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) in our region when risk is elevated.  While many of us are inconvenienced by these outages, which may last for days, power shut-offs may be life-threatening for others.  Many of our residents depend on electrically powered technologies to live safely at home.  State and local agencies are planning new supports for vulnerable residents in evacuations and extended power outage scenarios.  As health care providers, you can help ensure your family, staff and patients are prepared by sharing these preparedness resources

Preparing for Measles in Marin

As of June 21st, there have been 53 confirmed measles cases in California this year.  Marin County has seen no cases yet in 2019, but remains vulnerable due to pockets of low vaccination rates.  Healthcare providers should remain vigilant in testing for and reporting measles.  The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) testing guide, Should I Test for Measles, recommends considering measles in patients of any age who have a fever >101 F, plus at least one of the three "Cs" (cough, coryza or conjunctivitis) or a descending rash that starts on the face.   CDPH has also released updated Measles Immunization Recommendations

A Healthy County Fair

County fairs are not known for healthy food and drink.  The Marin County Fair is an exception.  Thanks to Play Fair, an initiative supported by all three hospitals and the County, healthcare providers can recommend the fair to their patients, knowing they'll have a happy and healthy experience.  Reflecting local values, the fair is smoke-free, all vendors offer at least one healthy option, alcohol use is controlled, and there are healthy activities for all ages.  Join the over 100,000 anticipated fair-goers July 3-7 to see why ours was named "the healthiest in the West" by the Western Fairs Association.

Training for Pharmacists in Opioid Crisis Response

As trusted members of the healthcare system, pharmacists play a vital role in opioid epidemic response.  New state laws and emerging trends offer pharmacists new opportunities and responsibilities.  The California State Board of Pharmacy, Marin County Health and Human Services, and RxSafe Marin are hosting a free Continuing Education forum for pharmacists on July 20th, "Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion: What a Pharmacist Needs to Know."   Attendees will be awarded 7 hours of CE credit for attending the full session, including the one-hour training to meet the requirements for interested pharmacists to furnish naloxone. 

Public Health Program Spotlight:  Community Epidemiology

The Marin County Community Epidemiology Program monitors the vital signs of our community.  The team, located at Marin County Wellness Campus in San Rafael, collects, analyzes, and translates health data to guide public health strategy in Marin.  The program informs evidence-based programming, collaborates with community organizations on their data needs, shares data publicly through interactive dashboards, and conducts disease investigations to protect the community.   Metrics and outcomes of select Public Health initiatives are at Marin Livestories:  Translating Data into Action.

Message from the Public Health Officer

Matthew Willis Marin County PHO HeadshotRecent announce- ments of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids and proposed mass deportations are unsettling to many clients we serve and can discourage access to medical care among immigrants.  As stewards of health, this is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the World Health Organization constitution which states, "the highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental right of every human being."  At the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, all are welcome regardless of immigration status.  Interested providers can join us in this simple message and share the resources available at the Canal Alliance Know Your Rights website.
Warm Regards,
Matt Willis
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