County of Marin Health and Human Services

CalFresh Employment and Training (CFET) Program

The CalFresh Employment & Training program (CFET) is a free and voluntary program that helps people on CalFresh gain skills, tools, basic education, training and work experience. This program will help you gain marketable job skills to give you access to better jobs and higher wages.

The Marin County Health and Human Services Department (HHS) provides CalFresh Employment and Training (CFET) to Non-Assistance CalFresh recipients. You may receive CFET services if are receiving Federal CalFresh benefits and are not on CalWORKs or sanctioned for CalWORKs.

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Things CFET May Help You Do

  • Get a Job
  • Start a Career
  • Keep Your Job
  • Pay for Some Costs
  • Improve Job Search Skills
  • Write an Effective Resume
  • Receive Paid Work Experience
  • Improve Your Interviewing Skills
  • Enroll in a Trade Apprenticeship Program
  • Learn New Job Skills in Professional, Technical or Vocational Programs
  • Help You Meet Your ABAWD Work Requirements* to Keep Your CalFresh Food Benefits!
  • *Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) Work Requirements

Federal regulations require some people receiving CalFresh to work or participate in approved activities to keep benefits. For more information ask your Eligibility Worker.

CFET May Help You with Costs

Support Services are designed to help you overcome barriers that prevent you from engaging in an employment and training program. To qualify to be repaid for these costs, the costs must be reasonable and necessary.

These services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation
  • Safety Clothing
  • School Supplies
  • Interview Clothes
  • Tools or Equipment
  • Books or Training Manuals

The Marin CFET services are provided to Non-Assistance CalFresh recipients. Participants are referred to the program by an Eligibility Worker.

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