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Prima Medical Foundation - Prima Kids

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Prima Medical Foundation - Prima Kids

Your child’s health is our concern too. We want to make sure you get the best care possible for your children every time you feel you need us. Our pediatric physicians agree that providing thorough, compassionate care is our priority. We value listening to you and your child and know the importance of explaining our findings and diagnoses in clear and useful ways. We provide our care in a respectful and supportive environment. We want our patients, at every age, to feel comfortable and for our parents to feel like they have a partner in managing their child’s health and well being.
Some of the benefits of being a Prima Kids patient:
 We offer same day appointments.
 We offer access to a local after-hours clinic. When your child is a patient at Prima Kids and needs to be seen after hours you don’t have to go all the way to San Francisco. Our after-hours care is local and high quality.
 Our office is child and parent friendly
 Breastfeeding room
 Separate sick and well child waiting areas
 Great toys and reading material
 Spaces for imaginary play

Prima Kids is prepared and eager to see you and your new baby!
We would love to meet you before your baby is born, show you around our office and discuss what we’ll be doing when your baby arrives. There is so much to think about with a newborn – how to find your pediatrician’s office or when to see her doesn’t need to be one of them! Prenatal appointments are available and free. We would be pleased to have you and your family come meet us!
“We love and trust Dr. Bauer and her staff. Professional and knowledgeable, first rate!”
Our physicians and medical team are experts, not only in working with you and your new baby on staying healthy, but other important issues as well. We know you want to make sure your baby is reaching developmental milestones, eating well, sleeping through the night… Building a relationship early with your pediatrician allows you to feel confident that as your child grows, your doctor knows your child, your family, and your unique concerns. When a new baby is on the scene, you may be inundated with advice. At Prima Kids we provide a safe place to ask your questions and find answers that best fit you and your baby.
Because going to the doctor with your newborn can be an event, we have equipped our office with some amenities for you to feel more comfortable and be able to take your time. We have great toys for older siblings and a quiet nursing room to soothe your baby after his or her visit. We use organic and “green” products throughout the office, and have extra diapers, wipes and diaper cream, should you need them.
“My caregiver totally gave my teenage daughter the respect and responsibility regarding her health issues. Spelled it out clearly to her what she needs to do to get better.”
Prima Kids is a great place to bring your teen! We have doctors who specialize in teen health. This challenging part of growing up could really benefit from a strong relationship with someone who cares about all of your teen’s health needs. Just like in early childhood, there is a lot of information to navigate through regarding teen health, from acne to sleep patterns, nutrition to puberty. Because we believe listening is a core value of our medical practice, we want to talk with you and your teen about your concerns, and yes, answer all the questions you may have.


1260 S. Eliseo Drive
Floor 2
Greenbrae, CA 94904