County of Marin Health and Human Services

Family Strengthening Program

Across Marin County, a growing number of families and communities are struggling to meet their basic needs, and to provide care and support for their children. The Family Strengthening Program works to find better ways of supporting families, in these tough times and beyond. The Family Strengthening approach is built upon the understanding that family is the most fundamental influence in the lives and outcomes of children, and families are strong when they are supported by safe and thriving neighborhoods.

Marin County's Family Strengthening Program is made up of formal and informal resources that are coordinated, accessible and reflective of our growing diversity. Everyone in the community shares the responsibility of contributing to the wellbeing of families.

The Family Strengthening group works to:

  • Create linkages between family support stakeholders
  • Build political will in support of families in Marin
  • Respond to priorities identified by families and service providers

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