County of Marin Health and Human Services

Ryan White Funded HIV/AIDS Service Categories


Provision of professional, diagnostic and therapeutic services rendered by a physician, physician's assistant, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse practitioner in an outpatient setting. This includes diagnostic testing, early intervention and risk assessment, preventive care and screening, practitioner examination, medical history taking, diagnosis and treatment of common physical and mental conditions, prescribing and managing medication therapy, education and counseling on health and nutritional issues, well-baby care, continuing care and management of chronic conditions, and referral to and provision of specialty care (includes all medical subspecialties). Primary Medical Care for the Treatment of HIV Infection includes the provision of care that is consistent with Public Health Service's Treatment guidelines. Such care must include access to antiretroviral and other drug therapies, including prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections and combination antiretroviral therapies.

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Psychological and psychiatric treatment and counseling services to individuals with a diagnosed mental illness, conducted in a group or individual setting, and provided by a mental health professional licensed or authorized within the State to render such services. This typically includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers.

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Provision of advice and assistance in obtaining medical, social, community, legal, financial, and other needed services. Advocacy does not involve coordination and follow-up on medical treatments, as medical case management does.Service Provider:


A range of client-centered services that links clients with health care, psychosocial, and other services. Medical case management ensures timely and coordinated access to medically-appropriate levels of health and support services and continuity of care through ongoing assessment of the client's and other key family members' needs and personal support systems. This also includes inpatient case management services that prevent unnecessary hospitalization or that expedite discharge from an inpatient facility. Key activities include: 1) initial assessment of service needs; 2) development of a comprehensive, individualized service plan; 3) coordination of services required to implement the plan and client monitoring to assess the efficacy of the plan; and 4) periodic definition reevaluation and adaptation of the plan as necessary over the life of the client. May include client-specific advocacy and/or review of utilization of services.

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1) Provision of services by a homemaker, home health aide, personal caretaker, or attendant caretaker. This definition also includes non-medical, non-nursing assistance with cooking and cleaning activities to help disabled clients remain in their homes. 2) Provision of case management in the home by licensed health care workers, such as nurses.

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Diagnostic, preventative, and therapeutic services provided by general dental practitioners, dental specialists, dental hygienists and auxiliaries, and other trained primary care providers.

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Provision of short-term payment for essential utilities and for medication assistance when other resources are not available.

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Provision of actual food, meals, or nutritional supplements. The provision of essential household supplies such as hygiene items and household cleaning supplies should be included in this item.

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Conveyance services provided, directly or through voucher, to a client so that he or she may access health care or support services.

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Activities that result in identifying HIV-infected persons of color who know their status, but have never been in care or who have been lost to HIV medical care.

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Provision of financial assistance to maintain a continuity of health insurance or to receive medical benefits under a health insurance program. This include premium payments, risk pools, co-payments, and deductibles.

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PREP Providers

Provision of PrEP providers.

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