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Children’s Mental Health Strategic Planning Initiative Spring and Summer 2015 Feedback Form

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Do children and youth within Marin County’s target population have adequate access to mental health and substance use services? How could marin County Children's Mental Health improve mental health and substance use services to children and youth?
Inadequate access to Spanish speaking medical providers Conduct search for Spanish speaking Child psychiatrist or Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners to meet need. Consider hiring NP trainees with Spanish speaking ability.
1. Foster children and/or non-minor dependents (NMD/AB12) under Marin jurisdiction who are coming back TO Marin from out-of-county do not have a smooth transition to mental health services in Marin. Many of the foster children are receiving Specialty Services from Medi-Cal, then when they move back to Marin, their level of functionality is required to be reassessed, which may downgrade their service from Specialty Services (for severe condition) to Beacon's managed plan (for mild-to-moderate). 2. Same scenario as above for children moving FROM Marin to out-of-county. 3. Former foster youths have difficulty accessing mental health services when they return to foster care. They are told to go through Beacon, which has a lengthy process in securing appt for services. I think we lose a lot of opportunity to respond to the youths' needs right away when they are asked to call back a number of times just to get an appt. 1/2. Foster children or NMDs who have been receiving Specialty Services out-of-county should be automatically be accepted under Specialty Services with Marin CMH when they return to Marin. Marin case managers in foster care (Child Welfare Workers and Probation Officers) should have a specific point of contact person in Marin who can help them process the foster kids quickly into Marin's CMH to prevent delay in services and treatment. A lot of money and time have been invested related to placement of the foster kids, so transition of services should be made smoother to continue and support their progress as they move from one provider to the next (which is already difficult to deal with). 3. Marin former foster youths should be allowed to go through Marin CMH instead of Beacon to get assessed/treated or even just help them coordinate their services with Beacon. With this high risk group (foster care), they should be able to access services that are friendly to them, considering most of the youths are on their own to figure things out. They may have a lot of people they can call to help them throughout the County, but a specific point of contact at CMH who may be able to engage them or who they could connect with in this small county may be just the added support they need when they finally took the courage to call to finally get help.