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CalFresh - SNAP

A Message about Emergency CalFresh During COVID-19

CalFresh- each family will receive max benefits per household. These extra funds will automatically be put on EBT cards. You can start ordering food online with Amazon and Walmart starting later this month.

  • ABAWD work requirements suspended.
  • CalFresh eligibility remains the same for immigrants but parents can apply on behalf of their US citizen children.
  • Pandemic EBT (P-EBT)- since many children are not getting meals at school now, they could get up to $125 per child loaded on EBT to supplement (immigration status does not affect eligibility for this). This money will not be loaded onto the EBT card but will be a separate card mailed to households with children receiving free lunch or if the children attend a school where the majority of the students would receive free lunch.
  • Public charge implications: SNAP can be considered in public charge determination; but will not be counted for children; P-EBT is not considered public charge (because it is emergency assistance); WIC and home delivered meal programs will not impact public charge

Apply at

You can apply for CalFresh online in 10 minutes with this free service from Code for America

What is SNAP?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the CalFresh program that provides qualified applicants with an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card that may be used in participating grocery stores to supplement your food purchases. This new program is going to be replacing Food Stamps and continue to help those that need it. Eligibility for the program depends on residency, citizenship or immigration status, income, resources/assets, and other factors. The EBT card is used just like a debit card so it's discrete and no cash has to be moved.

For additional information about the program please come talk to a representitive today for a quick chat about eligibility. Or, view the brochure Applying for CalFresh and visit the California Department of Social Services website at

Application Process

Apply in person, online ( OR ), mail or phone. Provide proof of address, picture ID, Social Security Administration cards, immigration cards, paystubs, unemployment, disability, cash gifts or loans received. Additional verifications may be requested. Give a quick call and talk to a rep to see what you should bring, since sometimes all that is needed is a quick chat about your situation.