County of Marin Health and Human Services

Family Health Programs

Family Health Programs is part of Health and Human Services and consists of the county health programs serving children in Marin. Our goal is strengthening families to create health and wellness equity in Marin.



  • 23% of children in Marin (12,000 youth) live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level – just $50,200 for a family of four.  This is enough children to fill every chair in 10 middle schools.
  • While Marin is ranked as one the wealthiest counties in California, 6% of Marin’s youth age 0-17 (3,100 children) live in communities of concentrated poverty  (areas in which at least  30% of residents live below the federal poverty level).  This is enough children to fill 43 school buses.
  • Marin has the opportunity to change these numbers and to create more equitable communities for a better future for all children in Marin. 
  • These numbers haven’t changed significantly in the last 10 years, and HHS - Family Health Programs commits to decreasing inequity and increasing health and wellness.