County of Marin Health and Human Services

General Relief

Call 415-473-3450 for questions.

The Employment and Training Branch administers the General Relief (GR) Program. All people interested in applying for GR benefits must apply in person at the San Rafael Public Assistance Office at 120 North Redwood Drive (West Wing), open from 8:00AM- 4:00PM and closed daily from 12:00PM-1:00PM. All GR intake interviews are conducted Tuesday-Thursday, unless a special accommodation has been approved.

If you need a special accommodation, please contact General Relief at 415-473-3450. A special accommodations form will be needed.

To speed up the process of your GR application, please bring the following items to your intake interview:

  • California Identification Card or California Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Legal Permanent Resident Card and proof of sponsor’s information, such as income, resources, and assets, if applicable
  • Lease/rental agreement, rent receipt, statement of rent receipt
  • Vehicle registration or title
  • Bank statement or proof of bank account closed
  • Proof of application to all potential available income or proof of recently denied of benefits (Unemployment, State Disability, Financial Aid, Pensions, etc.)
  • If legally married, marriage license
  • If legally separated or divorced, proof of legal separation of divorce