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Public Health Newsletter: STI / Hep B / Infant IZ / Opioids

Public Health Newsletter: STI / Hep B / Infant IZ / Opioids
Marin County Public Health Newsletter - April 2023
In this Issue: National Public  Health Week | STI Awareness | Perinatal Hep B | National Infant Immuniation Week | OD Free Marin I Message from the Deputy Public Health Officer
A message to physicians and other health care providers from Marin County's Public Health Officers.
Public Health Week Highlights EquityNational Public Health Week 2023 | ICE
National Public Health Week (NPHW) (April 3-9) recognized the importance of collaborating with the communities we serve to address health equity.  While Marin County is still ranked the Healthiest County in the State, the rankings highlight health inequities between communities. For example, cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of premature death among Marin’s Black residents, and disproportionately contributes to diminished life expectancy.  Health care providers play a key role in addressing racial disparities in health in Marin.  

STI’s on the Rise in Marin
This month we partnered with the community to raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections during STI Awareness Week. In Marin, from 2020 to 2022, we have seen a three-fold increase in syphilis rates among residents 25 - 29 years old (from 41 to 119 cases per 100,000). Clinicians can track local STI rates here (Marin County Reportable Disease Dashboard | Marin Health and Human Services ( Talking about sexual health and taking a sexual history is part of routine care. Test patients according to CDC screening recommendations. Treat patients following current STI treatment guidelines. For more resources on STIs visit the CDC website#TalkTestTreat