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Public Health Preparedness

Small Earthquakes Remind us to PREPARE

Small earthquakes serve as a reminder that these events can happen at any time, and that it is ALWAYS important to be prepared. Not sure what steps to take in case the next one causes even more damage? Please check out the materials provided by Ready Marin.

Also, please check out this comprehensive summary of emergency notification platforms from our partners at Marin County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services.

Program Overview

Photo of preparedness exercise.

The Marin County Health and Human Services (HHS) Public Health Preparedness (PHP) Program is responsible for the administration of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), and Pandemic Influenza grants.

The PHP program leads the medical and health planning efforts for emergency response to disasters that impact the health of our community. PHP works with many different stakeholder groups, including healthcare facilities, community-based organizations, law enforcement, fire personnel, city and town governments, other programs within HHS and many more to ensure a coordinated and effective response for the whole community.


Being prepared for any emergency will help reduce the burden on our healthcare system when a disaster strikes. Ready Marin has resources for building a variety of emergency kits for individuals and families, provides information on the Community Emergency Response (or CERT) teams, and lists classes and other resources to help you get and stay prepared. See volunteer information for specific information about CERT, American Red Cross, and Marin Medical Reserve Corps.

Resources for Vulnerable Populations:

General Resources: