County of Marin Health and Human Services

Public Health Preparedness

Please visit the Marin County "Information On Zika Virus" page for the latest information on this emerging disease.

Public Health Preparedness

The Public Health Preparedness (PHP) program within County or Marin Health & Human Services (HHS) is responsible for planning for all-hazard emergencies that may impact the health of our community. PHP convenes many stakeholder groups throughout the county to plan and exercise a coordinated response. 

General Preparedness Resources

Being prepared for any emergency will help reduce the burden on our healthcare system when a disaster strikes. Please see the general preparedness tips and tools from our partners to help you, your family, and your community get and stay prepared in an emergency.

Ready Marin: Ready Marin has resources for building a variety of emergency kits for individuals and families, provides information on the Community Emergency Response (or CERT) teams, and classes and other resources to help you get and stay prepared.

Totally Unprepared: Totally Unprepared is a modern earthquake preparedness site created by a consortium of science and tech geeks and state agencies to educate Californians about earthquake preparedness. Using the latest science, short videos, and easy-to-understand graphics this site demonstrates the reasons we need to be prepared. is the FEMA preparedness website and has resources on many different types of disasters. By using the Navigation button on the left side of the page you can browse through the available resources.